1. What is BOLD?

BOLD is a comprehensive loyalty program that is both merchants and consumers oriented. It allows you to Reload your merchant wallet cards, Pay for your purchases, Transfer your card credits to another account and Redeem your rewards.


2.How does BOLD work?

a. Sign up for a BOLD account with your email address and mobile phone number

b. Browse through the merchant list and Add Card to your Wallet

c. Add credits into your Wallet Cards, you may also reload credits into your Wallet Cards via BOLD app or at merchant’s counter thereafter

d. Use Wallet Cards in your BOLD app to pay for your purchases for the ultimate cashless experience

e. Make redemptions received via QR Code Scanner in BOLD app at respective merchant stores

f. Choose Transfer to Transfer credits from your Wallet Cards to another account


3. What happens if the QR Code Scanner does not work?

In an unlikely event of QR Code Scanner failure during redemption, you may request for a voucher code at the merchant counter to be inserted manually for redemption.


4. Can I transfer credits in my Wallet Cards to someone who does not have a BOLD account?

Unfortunate, you won’t be able to do so. However, you can always introduce BOLD to those who have not heard about this awesome program so they can be rewarded instantly!


5. How do I redeem my Rewards?

a. Check your Simply Rewarding folder

b. Pick the reward you’d like to redeem

c. Launch QR Code Scanner at merchant’s

d. Scan QR Code or manually insert reward code for redemption


6. How many types of Rewards are there?

There are 2 for now, and more to come.

a. Reload Rewards: Reload your Wallet Cards and get cash rewards instantly! You’ll be able to see the amount of cash rewards when you select your reload amount.

b. Gift Rewards: All Gift Rewards will be stored in the Simply Rewarding folder. You can select any valid rewards and redeem them at the respective merchants’ via the QR Code Scanner.


7. How long are the validity of my Rewards?

It varies. Expiry dates will be displayed and you’ll also be notified prior to the respective


8. My Rewards cannot be redeemed. What are the possibilities?

a. Reward has been redeemed. You may contact our customer care at help@macroblob.com to verify.

b. Reward has expired.

c. Your account may be invalid due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact our customer care at help@macroblob.com for assistance.


9. I’m a merchant and thought we could collaborate.

That’s exciting! We’d definitely love to hear from you. Simply drop us a line at help@macroblob.com and we’ll get back to you shortly!