Simply Rewarding loyalty program for timeless business growth and utmost customer satisfaction


Bulky wallets and peeling loyalty cards be gone!

Pick any of your favourite brands and shops, add their loyalty cards to My Wallet and you’re ready for the ultimate cashless buying experience.


Adding funds for spending on-the-go has never been so swift, safe and timely! Add cash to your favorite merchant cards and get rewarded every time


Feeling generous or just being sweet and thoughtful? Funds in your My Wallet cards can be conveniently transferred to another account.


Unfold surprises from time to time and make your redemption at your favorite stores!


Making your favorite purchase via BOLD is Simply Rewarding! Every dollar you've spent will bring you more rewards!

  Cash Rewards with Wallet Card Reload

  Birthday Surprises

  Digital Buy-10-Get-1-Free Stamp Card

  Anniversary Treats


BOLD strives for becoming the ultimate advertising and promotional platform for user retention and strategic marketing management for businesses. We always believe in cost effective marketing strategy and one that creates bigger incentive for companies and brands we collaborate with.


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BOLD can also be fully hosted and is very customizable to your brand, be it for your physical shops or online stores. Contact us for more information on our white label offers.

BOLD White Label

BOLD Merchant


Your Wallet is secured with passcode and in the event your mobile is lost,

you may contact us and within seconds your Wallet will not be accessible by third parties.